x4-labs-penis-extender-logoThe penis extender reviews and results on this website were achieved using an X4 Labs penis extender. When it comes to penile traction therapy, comfort is the key to success. Having a comfortable device enables users to wear their device more frequently and not feel like it is tedious to do so. It also enables users to wear it for longer periods of time. No penis extender ever developed offers more comfort of customization than X4 Labs.

All X4 Labs devices come equipped with the world’s softest memory foam pads. With 2 variations available. Long and thin foams, to encapsulate the silicone tubes and shorter foams which fit comfort straps to perfection. This allows men with all kinds of different shapes and sizes to fit in the same extender edition. Other extenders have a one-size-fits-all mentality, that’s not the case with X4 Labs.

For many years X4 Labs Has been offering users the chance to participate in in-house clinical studies. Participants provide data throughout their penis traction therapy and take before and after pictures for X4 Labs product development and research team. Upon completion, X4 Labs refunds the cost of the device in full. Many users report gains as much as 30% in both length and girth after 6 months of usage.




The latest and greatest penile traction therapy innovations are available as add-ons with each and every penis stretcher X4 labs offers. That’s what differentiates their devices from any others. Since being founded in 2005, they have listened to all of their user feedback and designed some real game-changing support and base add-ons. The InfiniteFit Quad Support is the ultimate tool for configuration and reduces all slippage commonly associated with penile traction therapy devices. Each Quad Support features 8 base slots, that means users can choose a comfort strap in the front and a silicone tube in the back or a silicone tube in the front and a comfort strap in the back, or double comfort straps… you get the picture. X4 Labs enables you to wear your extender the way you want.

Then there are those who need penis enlargement the most. Men suffering from the condition known as micro-penis. Micropenis is a condition where a man’s penis measure one inch long. All other extenders on the market leave these men behind. Before X4 Labs InfiniteFit Support System, using a penile traction therapy device was not even an option for these men. Now, because the Mini-Support piece has the Quad Base which dips closer to the body of the user, even men with micro-penis can benefit from the same effective penis stretching as everyone else.

Finally, there are those with penises that are too thick to fit into a typical base support without experiencing friction along the sides. Well, that’s no longer an issue thanks to the Wide Girth Base. After receiving feedback and reviews from users with larger than average girth, X4 Labs acted, and introduced a base for even the thickest of the thick. The best part? Even if your girth increases during penile traction therapy, you can now simply replace the base and continue wearing your extender with ultimate comfort.

Bottom line, when it comes to penis extender devices, most fail to understand that no two penises are exactly the same. X4 Labs does. That is what makes them the world’s number one penis extender. They enable you to wear your penis extender the way you want. Comfortably and with virtually no slippage. Penis enlargement has never been so easy!