Penis Enlargement Results: Andrew from London, England


Andrew was using a water based penis pump for almost a year in hopes of permanently increasing his penile length and girth. While he did achieve temporary results with the pump, he felt that when he stopped for even one day his gains would reverse. In 2012, he ready a study about penis lengtheners and decided to give X4 Labs a try. He was able to wear his extender for a full 5 hours per day, 7 days a week over the course of 6 months. He continued to use his penis pump throughout his penile traction therapy. The results were pretty amazing. Andrew gained over a full inch and was so pleased that he has continued to wear his penis stretcher even after the six month mark. Between the pump and extender usage he has noticed a significant increase to his sex drive and sexual stamina. He also had some issues with premature ejaculation that have become a thing of the past. He recommends using the penis pump after his stretching sessions because they help restore his circulation.

Age: 45 Country: United Kingdom

Penile Traction Therapy Device: X4 Labs Premium Edition Penis Extender

Preferred Straps: Comfort Strap (front slot), Silicone Strap (back slot)

Additional Products or Add-Ons Used: InfiniteFit Quad Support System, Water Based Penis Pump

Typical Penis Extender Usage: 5 Hours Per Day

Starting Penis Size: 4.5 inches (11.7 cm)

Current Penis Size: Over 5.5 inches (14 cm)